"Cherish a Child" - with your support of AEMP

Steele Research Center

In 1992, the Arizona Elks adopted the Steele Center as a "Major Project". Since then, Members in lodges around the state have contributed more than $6.8 million.

Youth Camp

The Arizona Elks Youth Camp located in the Sierra Ancha Mountains is open and available to all youth groups throughout the state for at no charge. A $200 Security/No Show Deposit is required at time of booking.

Arizona Elks Association

Welcome to the great state of Arizona, the home of one of the many wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. Our motto is "Believe in what you do and it can come true".


In Arizona, Elks help children in many ways. AEMP's relationship with 2 projects goes back for years.

We have sponsored research at the University of Arizona's "Steele Children's Research Center" since 1992 with over $6.8 million in donations. We remodeled and modernized the "Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic " and provide funds for an endowed chairs in Statewide Pediatric Research and Faculty Research for Technology and Innovation.

We are also very proud of our Elks Youth Camp located in the Sierra Ancha Mountains in northeast Arizona. This camp is open and available to all youth groups throughout the state at no charge for bonafide Youth Groups in Arizona.

Please take time to visit both portions of our website. You can call us toll free at 888.808.8627 or locally at 520.326.0556 if you have any questions.

- Executive Director, Arizona Elks Major Projects, Inc.

Steele Children's Research Center

The physician/scientists take care of 20,000 sick children each year at the Steele Children's Research Center. Some of these children have simple problems, like ear infections, others with life-threatening illnesses. Our goal is to give each one of them a better chance at better health. Please consider adding your support to the research efforts at the Steele Children's Research Center - to create a healthier future for all children.

Youth Camp

The Arizona Elks operate the Jack C. Warter Elks Youth Camp located in the Sierra Ancha Mountains in northeastern Arizona. This camp is open and available to all youth groups throughout Arizona. Booking Calendar opens on 1 Nov each year, so make your plans early.

The Arizona Elks Youth Camp is a great facility to hold your next troop outing, or any other event!

February 2018 AEMP Newsletter

It is hard to believe, but the Arizona Elks though the Major Projects has been partnering with The UofA Steele Children’s Research Center for twenty-five years. That is a long time, a great deal of money (over $7 million) donated.  As a result thousands of children in Arizona and beyond are living normal happy lives, thanks to the members of the Arizona Elks Association.

The relationship between the Arizona Elks and the Steele Center began in 1992 with a pledge from the Arizona Elks Association $275,000.00 to build the “Arizona Elks Laboratories’ for Transplantation Research.”

Twenty-six years ago organ transplantation was a new and very risky procedure. Because of important discoveries, some at the Elks Transplantation Lab, organ transplants are now an everyday occurrence at hundreds of hospitals across the country.   Research today in transplantation science has moved from studies on organ transplantation, to studies on gene splicing and transplantation. The Elks of Arizona continue to fund this very important research with their donations.

In 1999, the Arizona Elks through the donations by the members reached the $2 Million dollar level. Through the donations by the members the Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic received a complete renovation. Hundreds and hundreds of Elks and their guests have toured the Research Center and one of the favorite stops includes a tour of the Elks Clinic.

In 2003 the $3 Million milestone was achieved. With this achievement came the funding and the opening of the Marvin Lewis Pediatric Teaching Center. During that same time period the Arizona Elks Association made a pledge to support the creation of the “Arizona Elks Endowed Chair in Neonatology Research” This endowed chair provides support for young investigators and neonatology research.

In 2015 the Arizona Elks Association reached the $6 Million dollar level in donations. With this milestone the Arizona Elks Major Projects entered into a ten year 2.5 million dollar pledge to continue funding current initiatives and to help fund the “Translational Medical Research Center” that is located in the Steele Center Phoenix. This facility puts Steele Center Doctors and Researchers close to the population center of Arizona and provides access to thousands more sick children the State of Arizona.  In 2016 AEMP donated a $150,000 Confocal Microscope and today the total has capped the $7 million mark

In 2002 Arizona Elks committed to support a Second Major Project – The Jack C. Warter Jr. Wilderness Youth Camp located in the mountains of northeast Arizona.  The Camp has prospered and grown into an oasis of natural solitude in a high tech world, a place where children can learn about the wonders and natural beauty of God’s green earth.  Thousands of Kids have had the opportunity to camp and experience the wonders of nature thanks to this great project.  In 2016 AEMP made the camp available to Youth Groups at no charge.

Spread the word, the incredible work of the Arizona Elks Association through the Arizona Elks Major Projects is a lasting legacy of the truly benevolent nature of our incredible order.

Jimm Krausman,
Executive Director AEMP